Bathtub Resurfacing Mississauga

Your bathtub needs to be your place of sanctuary. It needs to faithfully, for all the years, provide you with comfort.

But with wear and tear, it’s hard to have this guarantee over the years. Bathroom Renovations Mississauga knows just what to do with your rough, chipped and worn bathtub surface.

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At Bathroom Renovations Mississauga, we know just what to do for you.

What We Offer

Since the main problem is the surface of your bathtub, we offer you bathtub resurfacing done the modern long-lasting way. Our resurfacing process is as follows:

  • We come in and assess the damage. This will give us an idea of what we need to do to revamp the bathtub. We are then clear on the material to be repaired and the extent of the damage.
  • We then come in and remove the rust on the bath first. This creates a clean slate for the resurfacing process.
  • We then proceed to repair the bath chips. Depending on the material used in the bathtub, this could be done in bits or as a whole.
  • Once the bathtub is done, we then move on to other surfaces in the bathroom that may need resurfacing. We repeat the process where necessary to ensure a clean even finish that is uniform throughout the room.
  • Once all the surfaces are ready, we then prepare all the surfaces with the special material we use to ensure a long lasting finish.
  • The preferred surface material is then installed.
  • To give it that classy new look, we apply wax specific to the material used. This will not only polish it off but also give it a longer life span.

Generally, with a full resurfacing repair job, our service gives you a 7-10 year warranty. We are certain that you will not need it done before then, at least not due to wear and tear.

Why You Need Bathtub Resurfacing?

Well, much as it may be more expensive than simply doing a repair, it does come bearing a lot of benefits.

  • It gives you longer service
  • You can use it as a good chance to re-vamp your bathroom. Since the service extends to the entire bathroom, you can use this chance to re-do your bathroom as you want: change the color of the tiles, change the material used and even give the floor a whole new look.
  • Bathroom Renovations Mississauga gives you a guarantee of using only the best materials in the market. This then assures you that the bathroom will long outlive your expectations. With our warranty, you are assured of free repairs if indeed the resurfacing wears out long before its due date.
  • Does not include plumbing so saves you money as opposed to having a full replacement of the bathtub.

Bathtub Resurfacing Cost

The cost of resurfacing your bathtub will be determined by the material preferred. Even then,
the cost will vary from contractor to contractor, depending on if they charge per hour or per job.
On average, however, you can be charged between $100 and $150 dollars. Bathroom
Renovations Mississauga offers you the most competitive prices in the market. Try us today!