Bathroom Repair Mississauga

The one thing that a bathtub ought to be is comfortable.

You need to feel your skin sink into its surface and merge in the beautiful rhythm created by the bubbles that surround you. The last thing you need is to keep adjusting your sitting position to avoid edgy surfaces that are caused by surface chipping.

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At Bathroom Renovations Mississauga, we know just what to do for you.

What Bath Repair Entails

Our bath repair service is a temporary alternative to bath resurfacing. The idea is to give your shower bases, bathtub or basin a new look again. So we come in to do one of two things:

  • Repair the chipped spots. We have an expert team that is capable of refilling chipped surfaces and making them look brand new again. The trick is to ensure a fine finish that does not show any sign of repair.
  • Stain removal: some bathtubs gain stains over time. And even though the surface is intact, the stain causes the bathtubs, basins and even shower bases to look quite old and unsightly. Our team comes in to remove the stains, in a safe and effective way to ensure that the surface is not damaged but renewed and replaced to its original look.
  • Repair scratches: your bathtub, basin or bases may not be chipped as yet, but may have scratches that look like they have the potential to become chips soon. Bathroom Renovations Mississauga comes in to get rid of these scratches and renovate the surfaces back to perfection.
  • Waxing surfaces: once the repair is done, our Bathroom Renovations Mississauga team does a waxing suitable for the material used on the surface. Some surfaces become worse when certain wax options are used on them. With our specialized bathroom renovation experience, we are able to determine which wax is best for which surface.  

Materials That We Work With

Our team of bathroom repair experts has seen it all in the years we have been in business. As such, there is no surface that we do not attempt to perfect. However, our specialty lies within these materials:

  • Porcelain
  • Acrylic
  • Presses steel
  • Polymarble
  • Cast iron
  • Terrazzo and Laminex
  • Concrete

These may appear on toilet bowls, bench tops, tiles, shower bases, basins as well as bathtubs. Hence, we offer our repair services for all the above possibilities.

Bathroom Repair Cost

For the most part, bathroom repair cost will be determined by the extent of damage and the material to be repaired. For instance, you cannot compare the cost of repairing concrete to the cost of repairing fiberglass. Most contractors will therefore only give you a quote once they see the damage to be covered.

Bathroom Repair Near Me

The bathroom is such an intimate room that most people feel it necessary to have the repair work done by people they can trust. Well, one way of getting to trust someone is by getting to know them. Bathroom Renovations Mississauga invites you to try and test us; get to know us. We can assure you, you will not only be charmed by our services, but we will become your best friend for all things bathroom repair and renovation. Call us today!