Bathroom Repair Mississauga

No matter how spacious a room is, you will always need extra storage space. This is more so in a bathroom.

You need storage space for towels, soaps, tissues and all manner of things. Still, you do not need just any kind of cabinet and vanity work done. You need a contractor who will understand your taste and give you something you look forward to seeing every single day. You need a contractor who understands your taste and will offer you material and design that compliments your taste. This contractor is definitely Bathroom Renovations Mississauga.

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At Bathroom Renovations Mississauga, we know just what to do for you.

What We Offer

Since we understand that not all clients can work at the same pace, we offer different packages that can run as long as the client needs. We offer the full package that comes with a redo of the bathroom cabinets and vanity. For new homes, this would involve the actual installation of cabinets and vanities. In order to keep to the beat of the client, we consult and come up with a clear plan from the beginning. This is in terms of the desired design, the materials to be used as well as the cost implications. We go down to the nitty-gritty details of the sizes of the cabinets and the purpose of each. This is to ensure that there will be no mistakes or regrets at the end of it all.

The other package offers partial redo. This gives leeway for when a client only needs one or the other done or needs both done, but in bits over a number of phases. Even here, however, we still need to have the final picture in mind. This will help us determine the materials, the sizes, thus coming up with the eventual cost. It will also give us an idea of how much time to spend on work.

Bathroom Cabinet And Vanity Service

This includes:

  • Removal of old cabinets and vanities
  • Measurement and stationing of the desired vanities, cabinets and mirrors as needed.
  • Selection of desired materials for use and the brands preferred.
  • Collateral damage assessment. We may be coming in to do or redo your cabinets and vanities, but there may be collateral damage that is possible. This could be in terms of tile damage on the floor when bringing in heavy equipment, damage on walls during installation and so on. We do an assessment and then put it into account at the end of the job. This is because we need to leave the bathroom at its best.

Bathroom Cabinets And Vanities Near Me

There are few bathroom renovation companies that specialize in cabinets and vanities. Bathroom Renovation Mississauga has a team of experts dedicated to these two fields. This means that they come armed with experience and know how that is fully beneficial to you. With the numerous connections we have, we can assure you of top quality products, and a range of ideas that are available only to a few. Contact us today!